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About Reflex Bodyworks

Reflex Bodyworks are a Pilates, movement and wellbeing company based in Silverton, Exeter, with classes running in the surrounding area.


Reflex Bodyworks aims to provide people with training, coaching, treatments and advice which are sustainable, maintainable and realistic while still helping to achieve desired health and wellbeing goals by;


  • providing clients with tools such as muscle anti spasms, stretches and strengthening exercises that they can use independently between sessions maintain muscular function and strength throughout the body.

  • Educating clients as to why they are doing exercises; the purpose they serve, what the exercise aims to achieve and how it contributes to their overall goal.

  • Get clients to see that they will get quicker results accompanied by more sustainable lifestyle habits if they adopt the idea of;


'Aim to gain more lean, well functioning muscle 

rather than trying to lose fat.

Aim to eat more high-quality, nutrient-dense food 

rather than trying to eat less.'

‘I have always been fascinated by the human body, in terms of how it feels to move, how movement is perceived by others, and how the experience of moving can be improved.

I trained as a contemporary dancer, and absolutely loved the actual ‘training’ aspect of learning dance technique, and how you can train a body to move in its most optimal and beautiful way. Of course this does not only apply to dancers.


I became hooked to Pilates from the very first class I attended at University.

Although trained in the classical repertoire through the Pilates Foundation, I borrow a lot of ideas from other training concepts such as general bodyweight and fitness training, as Pilates in its various forms is so adaptable for a huge variety of different bodies, abilities and goals.’

‘I believe people should feel comfortable in their body; whether that is in terms of reducing muscular pain or discomfort, in terms of confidence and how they present themselves through posture, or how they move and feel about their body as they move.

It is still an ongoing project in my own body, but I absolutely love seeing those lightbulb moments in class or in a 1:1 session where somebody suddenly feels or experiences their body in a different way.’